Who are we

Respect ME use personal stories, compelling cultural examples and detailed subject knowledge to relate to students on a personal level, encouraging students to make positive choices on delicate matters around sex, relationships and self-esteem.

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All lessons come from a Christian perspective. However, the team do not force their views or opinions upon students. They simply offer a safe environment in which students can learn, explore and discuss the topic matters with a Christian take.


Respect ME has Christian values at its heart and seeks to equip, empower and build up young people to be the best they can be, breaking down the lies of the media to help them understand their value, giving them a hope and a future.


The best way to answer this question is with true events that have happened through the work of Respect ME.

  • For the kid who’s being bullied to find out it’s not their fault, that it’s OK to tell an adult and get support, and to find out that they are unique and special – and that’s a great thing in order to build up their self esteem.
  • To get the girl who’s been raped out of the corridor into a classroom to hear how loved, valuable and precious she is.
  • For the boys and girls who don’t know how to value and respect themselves by making good choices and ‘God choices’ about relationships; learning that it’s OK to say no and it’s OK to wait to have sex until they are ready in a safe, loving and committed relationship, like marriage.
  • For the girl who handed in her suicide letter to us telling us that she was now trusting God and has become a Christian.
  • For the girl who now believes she is valuable, precious and worth everything and is now encouraging her friends to wait to have sex rather than being used by boys.
  • For the boy who walked out of one of our lessons saying ‘you’ve totally changed my perspective on sex’ and really meant it in a positive way.