Meet the Team

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Naomi Engelbrecht South Africa Team Leader

Naomi has a range of experience in youth work, previously a youth and children’s worker in the Midlands and has delivered group workshops, assemblies and lessons in both primary and high schools since 2011. Naomi has completed training in youth work with Message Academy, an internship with Message Academy and Respect ME, her Esteem training with ACET UK and now Team leads Respect ME South Africa. 
“I believe that young people have the power to change and shape the future they want, I am part of the Respect ME team because I believe that the ability to make informed, healthy and  positive choices contributes to the way our young people create that future. I passionately believe that their is potential, purpose and life to the full for each and every single one of us.”
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Taryn Torien Team Member

Taryn has previously worked with ‘Youth With A Mission’ and has a passion for young people and missions. She has been involved in youth work and church ministry since she was in grade 9 and loves working in schools. Taryn has completed her Esteem training with Acet UK and she is now part of the Respect Me team in South Africa.
“I love what I do because I get to meet different young people and remind them of who God says they are, their purpose and their potential. I believe that through young people knowing their identity something will shift, mindsets will change and inevitably communities will not be the same.” 
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Gilead Engelbrecht Guest Tutor

Gilead has been involved in youth and schools work for over 8 years. In 2015 he had the opportunity to train in the UK with The Message Academy, Manchester. He returned to Cape Town as band member and dancer in KineticIV. KineticIV is a band that uses music as a platform to share messages of hope. Gilead also oversees our creative arts programme Genetik Session teaching the arts in communities across Cape Town. 
“I love what I do because….” 
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 Michaela Tait Guest Tutor

Michaela joined the team as a guest tutor in 2019 after completing The Message Academy in Cape Town. She has experience in youth work, children’s work and completed an internship with Grace Chapel in 2018. Now a Higher tour South Africa team member, she is involved in schools work, events planning and administration at The Message Trust. She is a gifted communicator and dynamic public speaker. 
“I love what I do because….” 
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Carlyle Adriaans Guest Tutor

Carlyle got involved with Respect ME recently when he joined The Message trusts band KineticIV. Also the youth worker at his church he is a seasoned communicator and a dynamic schools worker. Carlyle trained with our Message Academy program and graduated in August 2020, he also releases music under the name ‘O.M.E.’ 
“I love what I do because….” 
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Thulisa Patu Guest Tutor

Thuli is part of our community transformation hub in Nyanga, passionate about young girls in her community and a deep love for the people she works with. Thuli trained with Respect ME in 2019 through our Message Academy program and is one of our guest tutors. Thuli is currently finished her degree in tourism. 

“I love what I do because..” 
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Clinton Luikes Guest Tutor

Clint is part of our community transformation hub in Parkwood. After years of a life of gangsterism and crime he became a christian and turned his life completely around. Having interned with the message in 2018 being trained in schools work he then joined our Message Academy program in 2019. Clint is a powerful communicator with an incredible story of hope to share. 
“I love what I do because….” 

Respect ME is  growing national and international team, with locations across South Africa and the UK.

The team is supported by trained and excellent guest tutors when needed.

Cape Town, SA : Naomi Engelbrecht, Taryn Torien

Manchester : Emma Owen, Lauren Jubb, Adam styles and Rachel Silvester

Cardiff : Shunita Barry

Lincoln : Lydia Daubney

Teeside : Joe winterchladen

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